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The most natural heat

Not many elements of a home bring together the functionality and highly decorative value of a fireplace. Few images are as welcoming as that of a family or group of friends seated around the fire. Nothing beats the fascination, nor is as relaxing as watching the bright flames burning in a fireplace.

The Company

Rofer & Rodi's activity centers on the manufacture of fireplaces and barbecues, bringing together broad experience and an incessant spirit of innovation.

We have a large commercial network throughout Spain, which delivers our products to the main construction warehouses and specialized shops.

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Our catalog

We have an extensive catalog of products of our own construction and exclusive design.

There you will find the fireplaces and barbecues that best suit your needs.






The Fireplace

The presence of a fireplace is the symbol of a comfortable home, turning any room into the cosiest and most welcoming area of the house.

The center of your home

Usage and assembly

How the fireplace works

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